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“Thank you for clicking on my website. If you’re an individual, a group or a company and are interested in Health & Wellness, Mindfulness & Motivation this may just be the site for you.”

I am an Irish woman who had a career in media in Ireland and then in the UK. I actually was the first woman in Ireland to have a TV talk-show of her own. In the UK I worked with BBC TV, ITV, Channel 5 and with several Radio stations including BBC, LBC and others.

After that I followed a lifelong passion for Ayurveda, an Indian system of mind/body health and so I moved to India where I bought an old dilapidated landmark building by the sea, refurbished it and converted it into a Heritage Hotel of India. The Indian Central Government has actually recognised it as such. Ayurveda was part of this business venture.

I now live in Ireland where many aspects of physical and mental well-being are my focus and passing this knowledge on to you is my business.

My Fav Quotes Part 2

A second random selection of some of my favourite quotes with simple, accompanying notes from me. Like before, I hope they will  make you think and will help you live life more positively. My own quotes will be published in pocket-book format in November. Somehow delving into all of these ...

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My Fav Quotes. Part 1

A random selection of some of my favourite quotes with simple, accompanying notes from me. I hope they will inform, make you think and help. My own quotes will be published in pocket-book format in November. Somehow delving into these inspire me and guide me. One a day or one ...

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What About Consequences?

Do you think through the consequences of your decisions? Or do you just go for the short cut?  Here is an old story that points out the wisdom of thinking carefully about what your decision could lead to ultimately. Way back in time, there was a farmer who was reliant ...

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Why Worry?

I’m always amazed at the skill we have for carrying around a worry that cannot be solved and that furthermore may never even become reality. There is no logic in it. But then logic has no rôle in fear. When you think about it closely – and the time to ...

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Your Secret Signature

  What is the secret signature of your being? Now there’s a cracker. This is a term first used by the late John O’Donohue in his classic book, Anam Cara. In it he is directing his disapproval at those of us who live a life that is dictated to us ...

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