A 2hr class in Public Speaking & Presentation for Beginners and Intermediate.

CORK: SAT, OCT 5TH IN THE IMPERIAL HOTEL  11-1pm. Techniques & Tips from Bibi’s vast experience. Not interactive in order to teach you BEFORE you perform. Face the fear of speaking to audiences. More info and tickets on Eventbrite.ie

I give Motivational talks to many different groups, in particular about how to courageously bring Change into your life. These talks are illustrated with images and words from my own life which saw me change careers, countries and even continents.

Community groups and individuals within their own communities and their workplaces invite me to create an Evening with Bibi Baskin in which I talk about RTE, India, my 30 year study of Wellness and many aspects of Wellbeing. There’s always a Question & Answer session at the end in which we have a chance to talk informally about life itself.

I compere/MC award ceremonies and events all over the country celebrating many aspects of life.

A good MC needs some of the qualities of a good public speaker. Yet it involves an additional set of skills. In my view overall it is an easier job. There is a part of the role that requires you to take centre-stage yet you are not in the spotlight for long.

You are there to clearly announce the guests and in particular to keep the ceremony moving. Most ceremonies go way over on time. Invariably this means that attendees will get restless and eventually noisy. I believe a good MC will adjust the script accordingly. And yes, I’ve been known to do that without permission! I did present LIVE TV shows after all so my sense of timing is fairly acute!

I moderate debates on a wide range of topics, varying from the light-hearted to the serious. Debates are hardly a contact sport but they still need a no-nonsense referee who gives both sides equal attention, fair play and acts as a neutral party who maintains the pivotal points of the discussion and does not let the opponents go offside.

My favourite debate ever that I moderated was a tough one. It happened on Holocaust Day a few years ago and the subject was ‘Could a just God let six million Jews die?” Yes, tough indeed.

I work as a Voice-over artist. In truth, my voice has always got a lot of attention. It has been described variously as calming and capable of lulling you to sleep! So you can imagine the type of product that I could endorse.

I make random home videos – about 15 seconds each – in which I film an aspect of nature outside the house or in bad weather an open fire in the living room, a shelf of books and even an early morning boiling kettle! In all of these I add my own voice-over based on a singular aspect of Wellness. Amazingly for me, they have been noticed and remarked upon by several age groups around the country.

(You can find these on my Social Media platforms).

Still in the digital world, the current trend is towards podcasts and away from blogs. Thanks to an Irish podcast expert, Alan Hennessy from Kompass Media, I have been ‘cojoled’ into recording regular Wellness podcasts professionally – about 4 minutes each. Here there is an opportunity for you to focus solely on the voice and therefore on the message. You will find them on this website as well as on my Social Media platforms.