Public Speaking & Presentation. A 2hr class in Limerick on Nov 7th for Beginners and Intermediate level packed with techniques from Bibi’s vast experience, having presented more than 1000 live TV shows. Limited numbers. Tickets and more info at eventbrite.ie Face the fear and let Bibi help you overcome it!

“Thank you for clicking on my website. If you’re an individual, a group or a company and are interested in Health & Wellness, Mindfulness & Motivation this may just be the site for you.”

I am an Irish woman who had a career in media in Ireland and then in the UK. I actually was the first woman in Ireland to have a TV talk-show of her own. In the UK I worked with BBC TV, ITV, Channel 5 and with several Radio stations including BBC, LBC and others.

After that I followed a lifelong passion for Ayurveda, an Indian system of mind/body health and so I moved to India where I bought an old dilapidated landmark building by the sea, refurbished it and converted it into a Heritage Hotel of India. The Indian Central Government has actually recognised it as such. Ayurveda was part of this business venture.

I now live in Ireland where many aspects of physical and mental well-being are my focus and passing this knowledge on to you is my business.

We all need inspiration to succeed

We all need inspiration to succeed

This month I was delighted to accept the position of Inspiring Ambassador for the new women-in-business connections agency and news site, inspiring.ie. All 32 counties will be covered eventually, starting off with Inspiring Cork – naturally! This piece of inspiration itself is the brainchild of publisher and entrepreneur, Michael Mulcahy. It’s ...

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Six Good Irish Wellness Buys

Six Good Irish Wellness Buys

Wellness Holidays, Holistic Journeys I’m biased! I am joining a wellness tour to Kerala, South India, which I co-designed, in March, 2019. There will be Ayurvedic massage, yoga and lots of sight-seeing, including a trip to a spice plantation and an overnight on a houseboat cruising along the serene waterways ...

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A Sense of Gratitude

A Sense of Gratitude

If you are active on social media and follow me, you may know that I get up particularly early. Mind you, not all of the time. It’s whenever the notion takes me, so to speak. And then I’m asked what do I do at four or five in the morning. ...

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