What are these services?

These are bespoke Wellness programmes covering a wide range of topics which will be chosen by us according to your individual needs.

Who are they for?

They are for individuals, community groups and corporates.

Where will they take place?

The programmes can be residential in a hotel, in-house in your company’s office or in your local community hall.

How can Corporates benefit?

You will learn how to:

Increase productivity with mindfulness

Decrease absenteeism and staff turnover

Improve performance

Avoid burn-out

Create a health-driven office environment

How can Communities benefit?

Groups will learn how to:

Enhance understanding of interdependence through the creation of a Wellness group in the town

Coordinate a group that will steer a Wellness policy in your area

To illustrate how you can increase Wellness awareness in your community

How can Individuals benefit?

You will learn how to:

Assess the current degree of Wellness in your life

Reduce stress and anxiety

Enhance your personal growth

Practise Mindfulness

All groups will benefit from a wide range of talks by me on many aspects of Wellness such as

  • How to Practise Mindfulness to aid relaxation, increase empathy and manage conflict
  • Simple Steps to Meditation to still the mind, live in the present moment and increase inner resilience
  • Natural techniques to prevent Sleep Deprivation
  • How to bring Change into your life to pursue your dreams

Public Speaking & Presentation

Since I moved back to Ireland recently I have attended many seminars and conferences mostly to up-skill in the digital world. Here I noticed that there are so many speakers who are expert in their chosen field but fail to deliver their message professionally.

With my help you can gain the confidence to speak with ease to all groups, big and small. You may be called on to present a prize at your local GAA club, you may need to present to the company board, are you the father of the bride or are you the groom? There are endless occasions in all communities and at work where my tips and techniques, all tried and tested by me, will enhance your performance.

Do you know how to:

  • overcome the fear of standing in front of a crowd?
  • break your story into dynamic blocks and links?
  • write for the ear, and not for the eye
  • create rise & fall in your voice?
  • enact the Three Rules of Presentation

These are just some of the presentation skills covered in the courses. And they can vary in length according to your own timetable but following an initial class I can give you guidance as to what’s best for you/your group.

Public speaking is a process that can be learned. You can learn it. I can teach it. Sounds like a reliable arrangement to me!