Many years ago I discovered a formal Wellness system that has captivated me ever since. That’s the Indian system of Wellness, Ayurveda. My fifteen years in India together with study of the fascinating subject for decades before I left Ireland confirmed for me that Wellness is an aspect of living that needs much greater attention than we give it.

I ran an Ayurvedic centre in my heritage hotel in the state of Kerala which was the home of Ayurveda some five thousand years ago. And even in Ireland I have converted a hotel spa to a totally customised Ayurvedic spa and was Wellness consultant at a famous five-star hotel. Currently I give Wellness talks and interactive seminars around the country featuring many aspects of this essential subject – health for the mind, body and spirit.

But Ireland still has a distance to go on the Wellness front. Whereas there is increasing interest in personal health at home, this same principle needs to be applied to the workplace. That is an unspoken debt employers have to their employees. Communities also can benefit with greater health and energy and general participation for the common good.

Ireland is on the cusp of becoming more Wellness-aware but the evidence so far show a fragmented approach. I believe I can help this process.